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Research Master’s degree in Theology of a French Academic Institution in Evangelical Protestant Theology, Theo is manager, webmaster, editor and author participant of this site hosted by OVH, 2 rue Kellermann BP 80157 59100 Roubaix,

Headings of Theo’s Note

Articles on the Bible and the Christian faith in various fields – biblical theology and doctrine, patristic (Fathers of the Church), history of the Church, Christian psychology, Bible in art – with their possible application in personal life, family and social relations and in the Church

These articles are written by men and women designated by their initials by choice of discretion. They can be viewed from categories, titles and tags.


To help those who know little or nothing about the Bible and the Christian faith to freely get a personal idea of them


To help those who wish to go further in their knowledge of the Bible and in the deepening of the Christian faith.


It puts and replaces the precedent categories : Lets us read Patristic, Biblical theology

This part contains

  • summaries and evaluations of books with links to publishers and sites providing additional information
  • a study of the texts of the Fathers of the Church, early Christian theologians and more recent theologians.
  • a theological, ethical or psychological theme, through the Bible, the history of the Church and current events
  • an analysis of the painting of a great painter related to an episode of the Bible

The articles are translated from the site which belong to the same owners

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