What Theo's Note offers

Articles to read about the Bible and the Christian faith

  • Biblical theology and doctrine,
  • History of the Church
  • Theologians through the centuries
  • Christian Psychology
  • Bible in art
  • Preaching
with their possible application in personal life, family and social relationships and in the Church.

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To freely form a personal idea of the Bible and the Christian faith


To go further in the knowledge of the Bible and in the deepening of the Christian faith.


  • Book summaries and reviews with links to publishers and sites providing additional information.
  • a study of the texts of the Fathers of the Church, Christian theologians of the first centuries
  • a study of more recent theologians’ books.
  • a theological, ethical or psychological theme, through the Bible, Church history and current events
  • an analysis of a painting by a great painter relating to an episode of the Bible

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