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The Bible, Its Theology, its Ethics



Isaiah prophet of God in time of crisis

Against the warning of Isaiah against alliances that lead to idolatry and its prophecies on the end of Israel, Judah and the great empires, Israel is contending : God does nothing to defend his rights. But the Creator God, eternal, unfathomable, is God from all eternity. He lives and acts infinitely beyond human limitations. He directs the nations according to his will. To those who do not rely on their own abilities but trust in him, he gives the courage, strength and patience to overcome the difficult moments, not to weaken but to continue.

What is living faith without regress

To  Christians tempted by regress or isolation, the author of Hebrews launches the challenge of Habakkuk, “The just shall live by faith” and warned: “But if he retires, I take no pleasure in him “

Theo's Note