The love of God the Father

The love of God the Father

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God the Father in heaven

We are in the heavenly places. God the Father is seated on his throne, majestic, dazzling, suffused with its own light. Around him, drawn up in battle order, twelve legions of angels are ready to intervene.

Anguish of the Son in the Garden of Olives

Indeed, on earth is being played out something crucial. In the silence of a garden, among the olive trees, the beloved Son is about to give his life for the salvation of the world, as it was planned. But the anguish and sadness are overwhelming him to the point that he negotiates a long time with the Father: “I never will manage to do it, is there really no alternative, must we really go that far? … ”

“Not what I want but what you want”

His tears and groans directly reach the Father’s heart. The angels are awaiting a sign from him: a gesture, a single one, and they would rush to snatch their revered Master out of his plight. God does not flinch, an intense battle is taking place in his heart. His look goes from his Son trembling with fear, to all humanity, past, present and future, separated from his love by the power of sin. He cannot give up his great project of restoration and salvation. With a heavy heart he simply sends an angel to Jesus to encourage him. And Jesus can finally say: “Not what I want, but what you want, Father.”

Cruelest execution

The sequence of events are occuring one after another as planned. From his throne the Father is now witnessing the spectacle of the most cruel executions. The blows that are befalling Jesus, shame, ridicule, exhaustion, fear before the erected cross. And the terrible pain of the nails in the flesh, all that the Father is feeling himself and he is shuddering from horror. Around him the angels are petrified: a single word from him, and their Lord would be delivered from this horrible end.

His gaze crosses the limits of the visible and discovers the kingdom of darkness, the world of evil spirits who are rejoicing, giggling and preparing to celebrate the victory of Satan. The Father refuses to let him reign over this world he loves so deeply.

The Son bearing the curse of sin

After several endless hours, unable to do more, he rises from his throne and walks away. The worst has just happened. The sins of the world, all suffering, all diseases are crushing with their terrible weight his beloved Son, who therefore becomes, to him, acursed. God’s holiness cannot stand it and turns away. Even the creation responds to the imminent end of the one through whom all things exist. The earth is shaking, the sky darkening … The scream of Jesus, made in a last breath, reaches in his heart. My God, my God, why have you forsaken me? And the almighty God is at the height of pain.

The glory of the Father : he gives his Son.

After a long time, there is a murmur running through the rows of angels, a slight rustle due to the displacement of the cohorts. A time of silence and suddenly rises in the sky of heaven the most beautiful music, the finest song ever sung there.
Angels are penetrating the great mystery hidden from the beginning of the world and finally revealed. The Father so loved the world that he gave his Son so that all who believe in Him will not die but have eternal life. Jesus, it’s him, the Lamb of God, is being sacrificed for the sins of the world.
The glory of the Father : he gave his Son.

The glory of the Son : he gives his life

While this song of worship to the glory of the Lamb is ringing out, the Father turns, comes back and smiles. His secret plan is finally revealed to the world. His Beloved Son went to the end of his mission. Everything is done, perfectly finished.
He knows that three days later he will send an angel to roll the stone from the tomb and restore freedom to his risen Son. In a short time he will be with him again in glory.
He knows that the time has come to spread out His Spirit upon every born again person.
He knows that the days of the Church have come, that the Kingdom of God has begun on Earth. Soon he will have eternity to enjoy our presence, to take us in his arms and hug us on his heart.

This is the God I know and I love above all.
One day, I discovered his fatherly heart as never before. I dove into an ocean of love, to drown happily in it.