Creation, anti-creation (destruction), re- creation

Belief in creation is evident in many texts of the Old Testament

Creation, Genesis 1-2

Background: formless and empty – separation of the waters – water gathered to one place, Gen 1.9
Anti- creation, the flood, Genesis 7-9

An anti-creation (destruction), reverse of the creation of the world, followed by a re-creation.
The distinction between the waters is canceled, Gn 7.11 Order to destroy life, Gn 7.21.

After the flood,  re-creation, Genesis 8.1

After the flood, God blesses Noah … Genesis 9.7 Then the earth is repopulated.

Facing the sea and in the desert, a re-creation

The wind from East in Exodus 14.21. The breath of Exodus 15.8-10. God present in the pillar of cloud and fire, protects and manages his people, Ex 19.4

¬†Creation of the world and creation of God’s people in the prophets

Isaiah 39-48
Devastated by the Assyrian invasion, the people of Israel is tempted to serve the Babylonian gods, Is 39The people are discouraged, Is 40.1-27
Isaiah uses the themes of creation to correct and exhort the people of his time to build or rebuild the people of God in a holy nation.
He emphasizes the greatness and sovereignty of God, Is 40.12-31. God cannot forget Israel, He is the creator, who stretched out the heavens and the earth, Is 40.12. God makes nations and decides on their importance or unimportance, Is 40.15-17. God who controls the stars in the sky, is able to mobilize forces for the sake of Israel, Is 40.26

Isaiah emphasizes the need to eliminate the other gods (idols) of the very thought of Israel, Es 43.1-11

The Lord, the Creator formed Israel, Es 43.1. Israel should trust God because of the past, Is 43.1-7 because God has always been present with him so far, Is 43.2. Israel must not be afraid, Is 43.5-6, for the Lord will restore all those he created for his glory, Is 43.7. God is the Lord. There is no other God, Is 43.10, so there is no other savior, Es 43.11.

God, the Lord is the only one who is able to announce future

In 538 BC, God promises to send Cyrus, king of Persia, who is not yet born, to free Israel from slavery, Is 44.28, 45.1. God knows all future events, and he is ready to reveal some of them to encourage Israel to turn rather to the Creator than to the creature.

God leads the future for his own glory, Isaiah 44.9-48.16.

Choose God, not idols, Is 46.9 Israel was a rebel from birth on, Is 48.8, God will rebuild it for his glory, Is 48.10-11 He who founded the earth, can have this promise fulfilled, Is 48.12-13 God will save Israel from Babylon and make his people a witness to the nations, Es 48.14. So God will be recognized as the ruler of all creation.

At the end of time the creator will “create new heavens and a new earth” Isaiah 65.17-25

Crying and diseases will stop, Is 65.19-20. Peace among all creatures will be restored, Is 65.24-25. Isaiah applies the truths of creation to the situation of his time, which is very different from that of Moses in Genesis 1

Creation, worship and wisdom of God in Job and the Psalms

The biblical theology of creation affirms the personal wisdom and the absolute sovereignty of God over the created order.

Psalm 90

God is the protector of Israel throughout all generations, Ps 90.1 God as Creator has neither beginning nor end, Ps 90.2. God is the Lord, he has the power to give and take life, Ps 90.3-6. We must pray him to be freed from sin and forgiven, Ps 90.7-17

Psalms 95, 96

Israel must worship him who made them, Psalm 95.1-7. He is a king “above all gods” Psalm 95.3. The Lord is “to be feared above all gods” Ps 96.4. “All the gods of the nations are idols “Ps 96.5
These texts encourage Israel to reject all other so-called gods in favor of the creator who rules creation. He is worthy of praise, obedience, and worship.

How the creator has led the creation, Job 38-42

God controls the universe with kindness and plays his role as only God and only Creator (Job 38-41)
God laid the foundations of all that is created on earth, Job 38.4-7, both the inanimate and the animate, Jb 38.39-39.30. He is the creator who sustains all that has been made, Jb 38.25-41. Job admits that he knows nothing about the organization of the universe and promises to be quiet before the Creator, Is 40.3-5. The Creator manifests his power, he only is able to tame the large sea creatures that terrify seamen Jb 40.6-41.34 Job is satisfied with the response of God Jb 42.1-6
The creator is worthy of being served because we can trust him.

To be continues