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The Bible, Its Theology, its Ethics



  • Summaries and evaluations of books with links to publishers and sites providing additional information
  • Study of the texts of the Fathers of the Church, early Christian theologians and more recent theologians.
  • Theological, ethical or psychological theme, through the Bible, the history of the Church and current events
  • Analysis of the painting of a great painter related to an episode of the Bible

From the one God to the Trinity of persons

Between the one God of the Old Testament and the many pagan gods, the Trinitarian monotheism presents a work of salvation accomplished by the three persons gathered in the one God

Self esteem, God’s fatherhood and genuine worth

Fatherly care by God Even imperfect because of the fall, human fatherhood is a picture of God’s fatherhood, of the relationship given by God to creation. That belonging to God as a father is essential to self-esteem. As a Father,… Continue Reading →

Christian approach to self-esteem

The Christian Approach to self-esteem acknowledges the limits of rational reasoning, distorted by sin. He trusts in the cross as objective foundation of self-esteem.

Theo's Note