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Filled with the Holy Spirit at Pentecost, Actes 2.1-13

To be filled with the Holy Spirit: a unique event on the day of Pentecost in Jerusalem. The miracle of languages but above all the miracle of the message understood by people from all over the world.

Is the cross of Christ madness or wisdom ?

Corinth was famous for its orators and its prosperity… but also for its immorality. There Paul preaches the cross, a madness for the Greeks, who are looking for a worldly wisdom to turn away from God… But also a power, the true wisdom of God, ” for the wisdom of the world it is a unique and unimaginable event: the incarnation of the Word, of the Word of God, of Jesus Christ” (Karl Barth)

The Church under construction: who, how, with what mentality?

In two verses, taken from Peter’s first letter, the Church, its construction, those who build it, and how it is built.
Every Christian is called to build the Church, a spiritual Temple, in a mentality that pleases the Lord.

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