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April 2016

Christian approach to self-esteem

The Christian Approach to self-esteem acknowledges the limits of rational reasoning, distorted by sin. He trusts in the cross as objective foundation of self-esteem.

Self-esteem and relation with others

Self-awareness is built on the assessment of the person who feels himself more or less acceptable in his relation with others. Social role, love of others, and desire for eternity, components of self-esteem, contribute to social inclusion and to the sense of belonging.

Self-esteem : The Cross and Christian Confidence

Is self esteem legitimate for a Christian ? How can it be conciliated with Christian humility ? This is the dilemma posed by the book Self-Esteem (Leicester, Inter-Varsity Press, 2001) written by Alistair and Joanna Mcgrath. A qualified self-esteem, which rejects systematic belittling, allows to keep the balance.

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